Hello and welcome to Aprende a Emprender (Be an Entrepreneur!).

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This project was born to encourage your own entrepreneurial spirit and that of your vocational training classmates. To do so, we have a series of materials and multimedia resources, which you will find very useful when embarking on the adventure of starting your own business. In your educational centre, we invite you to learn about each of them. If you wish to have a look at these tools, you only need to download the files provided by my friends and listen to what they have to say about the project.

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Aprende a Emprender (Be an Entrepreneur!) CD ROM, do you want to learn by playing?.
Business Plan CD ROM, learn to write this document easily.
Video and CD ROM, entrepreneurial experiences told by colleagues who one day decided to start their own company.
www.innovacreawork.com, if you wish to know what this website can offer you, listen to what we have to tell you.

… When you find out what it is, you will want to use it. Ask your teacher for it!